The artefactum gmbh has specialized in the contract manufacturing of cosmetics of all kinds for small- and medium-sized commercial enterprises. It offered in a wide variety of product categories, product forms and packaging options.

100% cosmetic production in Germany

In order to meet the highest demands of our customers, we have the most modern production and processing machines in our new production and office building in Rudolstadt, which was completed in 2014.

The entire production process takes place in our ultra-modern 287 m² clean room area. Warm batches from 30 to 400 kg and cold batches up to 1,000 kg per batch can be produced in various vacuum agitators.

We are also happy to fill the bulk goods we manufacture into the tubes, jars, bottles, ampoules or other packaging provided by customers.

We would also be happy to take care of the assembly in folding boxes, including the addition of instruction leaflets or the coding with batch numbers or the best-before date.

A modern high-bay warehouse is directly connected to our production, in which we store raw materials and packaging material under precisely defined climatic parameters.

We examine every raw material, every intermediate and end product in our in-house microbiological-analytical laboratory for impurities and only release them for further processing after all tests have been successfully completed. In this way, we give ourselves and our customers maximum security through effective and efficient quality management.

Of course, the production always takes place according to the requirements of the European cosmetics regulation, the GMP standard and 100% in Germany.

Our customers can rely on us with a library of more than 2,500 freely available recipes. Their use is free of charge. We are happy to modify these recipes for you or develop a completely individual formulation according to your specifications.

We can also create the entire documentation and the associated tests for you. For example, safety report (SIB), product information file (PID), CPNP notification, dermatological tests, preservative exposure test (KMBT), clinical studies or evidence of effectiveness for marketing claims can be mentioned here.

Our goal is to meet our customers' expectations.

That is why we focus on individual advice.

If you send us an inquiry via our request module, your personal advisor will prepare and contact you without obligation.


recipe development

recipe adjustment

feasibility studies

specification book





raw materials



product types

Care Concentrates

Filling of bulk

in buckets: 5, 10, 15 Litre

in canister: 5, 10, 25 Litre

in barrels: 50, 100, 250 Litre

in IBC: 1.000 Litre


Filling of finished products

Artefactum gmbh currently offers you the following four options for filling the different product forms into containers as standard. However, if you wish a special request for the container, artefactum gmbh always endeavors to fulfill it.




Packing in folding boxes and cardboard boxes

Labeling (front and / or back / wrap-around label)




Organize transports at home and abroad

Possibility to store special raw materials, packaging, bulk and end products

Shipping by freight carrier, sea or air freight


Quality assurance and documentation

Incoming goods inspections of every raw material in our own microbiological-analytical laboratory

Safe chemical-physical storage of all substances

End product tests in the microbiological-analytical laboratory

Control by external laboratories

Creation of safety assessments

Creation of documentation.

Organization of dermatological tests

Implementation of proof of effectiveness

Conducting clinical studies

Registration with CPNP