Blue Flower

Focal points

  • Exploration of innovative active ingredients to the anti-ageing treatment
  • Processing of natural collagen for the cosmetics and medicine.
  • The application of active ingredient combinations of Maresomen ©
  • Effects of specific micro - and nano-organisms for cosmetic treatment.
  • Isolation of individual active substances and active ingredients for targeted use in treatments.


Partner in science

Since the year 2008, the artefactum gmbh maintains close contact with the Institute of Marine Biotechnology e.V. in Greifswald. It's an institution of the University of Greifswald, with some projects have already installed the Artefactum GmbH to a successful conclusion. Also currently researching the Artefactum GmbH together with the IMaB on the NANOMAR project (see below).

The Institute for Marine Biotechnology e.V. is the probably most facility for research on micro - and macro-algae and their use in pharmaceutical or cosmetic products.



Cluster project NANOMAR

The artefactum gmbh is currently researching in a cluster - which three research companies and two institutes - on the project "KMU:Innovativ" project "NANOMAR". - The Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) funding this project.

The title of this research project is: "Mikro-and nano-particles from marine organisms (Maresome ®) in collagen wound patches to prevent the colonization of multi-drug resistant pathogens (Nanomar) – sub-projects: formulations of Maresomen © and collagen in the laboratory scale". "

The BMBF supports according to his own statement with the "KMU:Innovativ program" excellence in German "Mittelstand" leading research, since this companies are often pioneer of technological progress. " It is a great confirmation that the BMBF our research concerning nanoparticles assigns this role for us.

Funding through:

New building of our high-tech location in Rudolstadt

Our new building in Rudolstadt (completed in February 2014) was promoted by the free State of Thuringia and co-financed by means of the European Union within the framework of the European Fund for regional development (ERDF), as well as by means of the Federal Government.

Furthermore the artefactum gmbh was supported by this program twice at the markets in foreign countries.

Funding through: